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Grumbling Gorillas started out as a website design company based in Buckinghamshire, England. Since then, we have grown into a full-service software development agency. Along our journey we have helped companies of all shapes and sizes grow in multiple industries, across 6 different countries.

Whether you’re looking to reach your full potential online or have an amazing idea you want brought to life, our aim is to help you grow your business and reach new heights. Quite simply we love what we do. We come alive when we are helping our customers get closer to their dreams.

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We listen. We advise. We design and We build together. Happy customers and ongoing relationships are what we strive for. Success is measured by results, the most important being how our clients feel about their experience with us. These reviews we’re onto something.

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Who do we work with?


Entrepreneurs are the fuel that run the world. That’s why we love working with start-ups, taking their ideas and making them a reality.

Small - Medium Businesses

We help businesses improve their online presence,increase market reach and maximise their business opportunities.


We also work with large enterprises, including Fortune 500 firms, and we have developed numerous high quality applications.

We Take Care of Your Business

Whether you need a new website, or you want to improve an existing one. Give us a call today and see how we can help drive your online presence in the right direction.

Sectors We Work With


Had the light bulb moment, but what now?

You have had that shining moment where you have thought of an amazing new idea that you want to turn into a business.   However, you are short on time and unsure how to proceed.

This is where Grumbling Gorillas can help you.  We have an amazing track record of working with startups.  We have helped each of them via out step by step process.  We were once a fresh startup, so know only too well all the things to avoid and what will help grow your business.

  • Website designed to help drive your online presence
  • We help guide and support you all the way
  • Device and field testing for electronics
  • SEO Features helping you on your launch

Helping drive forward the
future of learning

Grumbling Gorillas has helped a number of organisations within the education sector.  The work taken place has been creating advanced landing pages for conversion rates, processing data for reporting and creating advanced dashboards for viewing of data around the world.

  • School & College Website Development
  • E-learning & LMS Solutions
  • Centralised School Management Software
  • Educational Game Development

Automation in the Automotive industry

High-tech industries need high-tech innovations within software and hardware to keep driving their businesses forward.  We have helped 2 local automotive companies drive forward their business and double their return within 6 months.

  • Custom software for measuring statistics
  • Developing IoT, cloud and mobiles applications
  • Logistics and vehicle software applications
  • Advanced dashboards for showing and sharing data

Managing the Property Market

Not all companies want to use the same off the shelf product as everyone else.  This is where we come along and can provide a fully bespoke solution that works in and around your business.  Each package can be continually updated to support the business year after year.

  • Estate Agent Application Development
  • Mortgage calculators for Web, and Mobile Devices
  • Property Management Software
  • Project Planning and Management Systems

Healthcare Marketplace and Development

The world of healthcare has been evolving over the past 10 years.  People are looking for alternatives to the standard healthcare system and this is where we can help those alternatives.  Websites, Patient Management, Marketing, Inventory systems….we can help provide you with everything you need to get your practice up and running.

  • Patient Management Software
  • Patient Relationship Management Systems (PRM)
  • Digital Healthcare Applications
  • Healthcare Process Solutions

Reason to Reject following

Making sure the customer experiences the best stay or meal while visiting your venue is the most important thing.  We can help your streamline your process and get software solutions in place that will help support you, your staff and your customers.

  • Management Systems
  • Reservation and Booking Systems
  • Billing and Invoicing Systems
  • Advanced Dashboards for Data Analysis

We Also Work With Agencies

Are you a public relations, communications or design agency?

Do you need a reliable development team  to
code and build your web designs for your clients?

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