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Many of us spend hours upon hours every month doing repetitive tasks on the computer. Creating a mail merge, formatting Word documents, importing data to Excel and creating a pivot table. These are crucial tasks for many businesses, but what if there was a way to automate what it is you are doing each time? Wouldn’t it be great to turn those hours into just minutes?

Most applications have features that users are not even aware of. An example of this is Microsoft Office. It has the ability to do so much more than what you can see on the surface. It is able to record your keystrokes / mouse clicks and replay them time and time again. What if you could import that weekly data and have it all formatted and ready to go with just the click of a button?

If you are an IT Manager we can also help you some of those weekly tasks / reports you need to make. We have years of experience working with various server technologies and can create powerful yet simple to use PowerShell, Batch, Bash, AWK and SQL scripts to help you.


Microsoft Word

Many tasks with Microsoft Word can be automated very easily. We can save your business hours of billable time each year through automation.

Microsoft Excel

Do you spend hours each month importing, sorting and styling pivot tables? If yes, we are betting we can automate a lot of those tasks and save you hours each month.

Server Management

Not getting the correct reports out of your server / network management solution? Speak to us today and lets us provide you with the reports you need for your business.

Automated Reporting

Spending hours a month collating and email reports to your managers / directors? We can automate the report generation and emailing for you, saving you time for other things.

Microsoft SQL Server

Are your queries taking longer and longer to run? Legacy systems not as fast as they used to be? We can train and work with you to rebuild and update these system.

Windows Server

Need a custom PowerShell Script, Windows Service or application to help you manage your estate? Speak to us today and see how we can make you week easier.

MYSQL Server

Our support department is staffed by actual humans who will happily answer your questions. WordPress, MYSQL, PHP, design queries, mail merge….we will happily answer it all.

Linux Servers

Bash, AWK or other management scripts, we can provide your business with customs scripts or addons your current application.

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