When it comes to SEO, most people are not experts or are worried they will make things worse.  Here are a few tips to help you make easy changes to improve the visibility of your website.

1. Optimize your best content

There will always be pages on your website that will receive more traffic and rank higher in search engines like Google.  In order to find out which content is high performing, you can start by looking at Google Analytics.

Once you have noted which pages received the most traffic, you can then look at boosting this content further through social media or marketing.

2. Increase the rankings of page two content 

You might have a number of pages / blog posts that are sitting on page 2 of Google’s search results.  Have you run through the content and SERPS to find out what you can do to improve the content?

Reviewing old content and refreshing it is a great way to increase the rankings of page 2 content.  Have you reviewed the keywords you are using on this content compared to your page 1 results.

Sometimes you can make small changes to these pages and receive fantastic results.  

3. Decreasing your bounce rate

The bounce rates on websites can vary depending on the purpose of the website. e.g. websites that are mainly blogs will have higher bounce rates that an online shop.  What can you do to help improve this?

We recommend that you focus on reviewing the pages that receive the most traffic.  This is because they have the largest impact compared to other content.  Review the traffic rates from within Google Analytics and see which pages are not helping you generate leads or sales.

Check the pages for the following things:

  1. When did you last update the content?
  2. Are your pages mobile friendly?
  3. How quickly does your website load?
  4. Is the content easily to read and follow?
  5. Does your page provide suitable answers?

Review the keywords you are using to see how they are performing.  Also check they are relevant to the content of the page.  Could you be getting a high bounce rate due to someone finding you page for a specific keyword with a different meaning, and your page has not content about that topic.

4. Finally, focus on mobile traffic and optimization

Making sure your website mobile friendly is so important.  Google now ranks using mobile-first indexing.   This means websites that are not optimised for mobile devices will receive  a lower search ranking compared to those which are optimised. Mobile devices now account for over 50% of all website views.

These simple things can also help boosts your rankings:

  1. Implement schema markup
  2. Responsive web design
  3. Compress & resize images
  4. Fast loading & optimised mobile pages
  5. Tag posts based on mobile searches
  6. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) markup

More often than not, we see people make their lifes more difficult when trying to improve their website rankings.  People get frustrated when they do not see results after spending hours following complex guides or attending unhelpful webinars.

If you have the time, there are simple things you can do to your website to help your search results.  If you are uncertain or want to focus on your business, then give us a call today and see how we can help you.

From 1 to 1 training through to fully managed packages, we help startups and SMEs to boost their online presence and Google rankings.