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Many businesses tend to only fix their technology when there’s something wrong with it. This is called the break-fix IT model, and compared to GG Technologies’s proactive IT model, it’s incredibly inefficient. When your technology is continuously being broken and fixed again, the resulting costs can be devastating; especially if they aren’t called for in your IT budget.

GG Technologies pro active monitoring solution is designed to detect potential issues in your organisation’s infrastructure. This helps us repair and resolve the issue before it causes a budget-breaking problem. Furthermore, we can prevent most instances of downtime by actively monitoring your network’s activity. The second a problem shows itself, we’re on it, fixing the problem. In fact, these issues are often resolved before you even know they exist.

Our Services

Our proactive 24/7 IT monitoring constantly scans your your IT network to identify failures.  The monitoring solution notifies our engineers and they are able to investigate the issue and resolve it before it becomes a major issue.

This proactive approach to IT support means your IT system will run more efficiently. There will be less IT downtime and less disruption to your business.

Response Time

We report on the speed your website(s) load for your clients.  No one wants to wait for a web page to load anymore.

Software Firewall

When running any form of website or web application, having protection in place is of the up most importance.  We make sure all this is in place for you.

Domain Monitoring

Knowing when you need to renew your domain is extremely important.  If you lose your domain, it can cost your £1000s to get it back.

Content Monitoring

We monitor the content of your website in order to detect possible hacking.

URL Monitoring

We can monitor each and every page on your website, making sure your visitors are always able to access your content.

DNS Monitoring

We check the availability and repose time of your DNS Server(s) and troubleshoot and issues to make sure your clients can access your website.


Our system WatchFort monitors your mail flow 24/7, making sure your entire email round trip works!

Our, round-trip mail flow monitor alerts you as soon as there is an issue with your email flow. Get notified of any issues before it becomes a real problem for your company.

We can monitor Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail or any other email service.

The first line of defense for your organisation’s network is its firewall. It acts as a bouncer, keeping out threats that attempt to infiltrate the network. A firewall is absolutely essential to maintain proper network security.

Comprehensive monitoring for critical network devices such as routers, switches and firewalls. We can assist network teams get deep performance visibility required to manage complex networks.

We can make sure your network devices are monitored and also kept up to date with the latest in security patches.

Your server infrastructure is the data warehouse of your organisation.  Making sure that each of your servers for performing at 100% is critical for day to day operations.

We can monitor a variety of operating systems including Windows and Linux.

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