What We Provide

At GG Technologies we believe that we can offer the best in IT Support and Services for all organisations. In order to build up a relationship with potential clients we provide a free consultation meeting. In this meeting on of our consultants will run through your requirements and discuss cost effective solutions that we can provide. Our expert consultants will analyse your current configuration and provide a report outlining areas that can be improved. All of our team are highly skilled and provide their expertise alongside great customer support.

The Process

Stage 1 – Meeting & Discussion

The first part of the process is to find a convenient time to meet with you at your offices and discuss the business needs and project requirements. We can go into detail on any projects you have in the pipeline and ascertain key areas we can help you focus on.

Stage 2 – Audit

Our teams will carry out either a remote or on-site audit of your website, network and servers, which ever are needed for the project at hand. Our teams are fully qualified to check each of these areas against current best practice and industry standards.

Stage 3 – Reports and Analysis

In the final stage we will compile all the information we have gathered and place it into an easy to read report and present our findings to you. During our discussion we will outline any areas we believe need investigating further with the goal being to keep your website, data and business safe.

IT Consultation

Once a date has been set for the consultation, a member of our team will attend your office and work with your staff looking over your whole business IT system. The audit of devices should not take more than a couple of hours and once we have gathered all the information required the engineer will return to our office. Once we have collected all the information, we will compile a report, book another appointment with you and run through each area highlighting those of concern.


Is there sufficient disk space to operate effectively? Are your PCs quick enough? Everything running as it should?


Are you installing and running your software efficiently? Is there anything we can do to help make your existing software better?


Is your internet connection good enough? Can you access your system remotely? Would you like to be able to?


Is your system open and vulnerable to hackers or malicious software? Would it be easy for a virus to get in to your system?


Are you regularly backing up your important data? Do your backups work properly?


Do you have up to date IT policies which are understood and followed by your staff?


Take a Pro Active approach to your IT infrastructure and book your free IT Consultation today.  Allows us to provide you peace of mind that everything is okay, notify you of any issues.


We operate in the Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and North London Areas.

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